Dr. Carly Christensen

A graduate of the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Education, Dr. Christensen (she/her) has extensive teaching experience within unique educational settings in the United Kingdom, so-called Canada, and the so-called United States. These settings include urban secondary schools, a rural middle school, a special education school, an inner city all-girls secondary school, an Indigenous adult education program, and First Nations schools in northern Ontario. Within First Nations schools, she was a special education teacher who co-developed culturally-based special education programming.

As a person with a disability, she is deeply passionate about anti-ableist education as necessary to creating inclusive schools. As a scholar-practitioner, Dr. Christensen’s vision is to mobilize disability justice and critical disability research from her international networks to empower students with disabilities and to improve teaching practices in schools.

Dr. Christensen is an Assistant Professor with UBC’s Faculty of Education and currently teaches special education courses within the Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education (ECPS) department.