Aug 21 – 23, 2023

Self-Regulated Learning as a Framework for Creating Inclusion for Diverse Learners

Dr. Deborah L. Butler
Dr. Leyton Schnellert

In this three-day strand, participants will explore how attention to fostering “self-regulated learning” (SRL) can help in empowering learners to be more successful. Self-regulating learners are lifelong learners who understand themselves and know how to achieve their goals in all sorts of activities, both within and outside of schools. In this session, we will consider what self-regulated learning “looks like”, what educators can do to foster SRL, and implications for promoting inclusion. Throughout each day, participants will grapple with big ideas, engage in interactive activities, reflect on cases and inspirational examples, work collaboratively with others, and think through “next steps” for their own practice. Participants will come away with frameworks for thinking about learning, teaching, inclusion, and diversity, as well as with concrete strategies that they can take up starting right away in September.