August 21-23, 2023

Social and Emotional Learning and Kindness – 3 days

Dr. John-Tyler Binfet

This strand will provide you with an overview of SEL, including key aspects of successful programs/interventions and the positive outcomes that arise for students and staff who participate in school-based SEL initiatives.  This interactive workshop will have you exploring concepts such as “stress contagions,” the link between SEL and class climate, how SEL can facilitate positive student-teacher rapport, and factors that enrich the learning experience for exceptional students.  New innovations in SEL research will be shared as will a repository of SEL resources to inform your thinking and practice.  On Day 3, we will explore the science of kindness including innovative topics such as Pedagogical Kindness and Kind Discipline.

Days 1-3 Session Description
Day 1
August 21, 2023
Overview of SEL
How SEL Competent are YOU?
Morning Session
Overview of Social and Emotional Learning
Our first session will provide an overview of SEL including reviewing the pillars of SEL, key aspects of successful SEL programs/interventions, and the positive outcomes arising from SEL initiatives.Afternoon Session
How SEL proficient are you?: The Importance of Strong SEL Mentors and Leaders
In-session exploration of, and assessment of, your Social & Emotional Competencies. What fosters SEL? What hinders it?

Day 2
August 22, 2023

Innovations in SEL Research

Understanding Emotional Contagion 


Morning Session
Innovations in SEL Research We will build on and extend our understanding of SEL by exploring innovations in SEL research.

Afternoon Session

Understanding Emotional Contagion

In this session, we will explore research examining emotional contagion and the implications for SEL, class climate, and teacher-student rapport.


Day 3
August 23, 2023

Fostering Optimal Well-Being in ALL Student: Is Kindness the Key?




Morning Session
How kindness fosters SEL: An overview of Kindness research as it informs exceptional learnersThis session will provide participants with a comprehensive foundation in the science of kindness. Topics to discuss include Pedagogical Kindness and Kind Discipline.

.Afternoon Session

Fostering Resiliency & Well-Being: Is Practicing Intentional Kindness the Key?

This applied session will review the benefits to well-being that arise from being kind and explore how educators can structure opportunities to practice kindness for all students.