August 23-25, 2021

Self-Regulated Learning as a Framework for Creating Inclusive Contexts for Diverse Learners – 3 days

Dr. Leyton Shnellert
Dr. Donna Kozak

Every child arrives at school with a multitude of literacies. Come join us as we explore systems, structures and strategies that build from children’s funds of knowledge to develop essential school literacy skills for our diverse learners.
Over the three days we will revisit and deepen our understandings of reading, writing workshop, literacy centres and stations, culturally responsive teaching, and critical literacy. Special attention will be paid to developing inclusive literacy communities where every child is an author and inquirer (Tier 1), and opportunities for supports that scaffold emerging literacies (Tier 2 and 3).


Days 1-3 Topics Covered
Day 1
August 23, 2021
How Does a Focus on SRL Help us in Understand Learning and How to Support it?
•    Why focus on SRL? What does it have to do with achieving important goals for diverse learners in today’s communities and schools?
•    What is “self-regulated learning” (SRL), and what does that look like in your context?
•    Where and why does SRL break down? What are implications for where we can support learners to be more successful?
•    How are SRL and social emotional learning related? How can we focus on both in tandem?
•    What does all this mean for inspiring and engaging diverse learners in today’s classrooms and communities?

Day 2
August 24, 2021
What Can We Do to Foster SRL? Big Ideas, Practical Strategies, and Inspirational Examples


•    How can we create environments in which all learners feel like they belong and know how to participate effectively?
•    How can we design activities in ways that create pathways for all learners to be meaningfully included and stretch themselves?
•    What kinds of supports can we weave into environments to foster strategic, self-regulated learning?
•    How can assessments and feedback be used to empower learning?
•    Pulling it all together: What kinds of practices empower learners to be and feel successful?

Day 3
August 25, 2021
Building on an SRL Framework to Foster Inclusion for Diverse Learners

•    How can a focus on SRL help in creating inclusive environments in which all students belong and are empowered to succeed?
•    How can we work together to create pathways for success for learners with different strengths and challenges?
•    What about linguistic and cultural diversity? How can a focus on SRL help in including learners who bring diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences into classrooms and communities?
•    Culminating Planning: What’s next for you? What might you do based on our co-learning?  What more do you want to learn?