August 20-22, 2018
Transition and Employment High School Transition Planning and Customized Employment-Pathway to an Inclusive Adult Life – 3 days

Days Topics Covered


Day 1
August 20, 2018
Pathway to an Inclusive Adult Life-Evidence Based High School Transition Practices

  • Lessons Learned from 50 years of Research and Practice
  • Introduction to Evidence –Based Practices and Predictors of post high school inclusion and quality of life
  • Contrasting evidence based high school transition practices with current practices and the paradigm shift that needs to occur
  • The “Readiness Model” and the principle of the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)- barriers to inclusion
  • Summary of Evidence Based Practices and Implementation Strategies for students, teachers and families
 Day 2
August 21, 2018
Self-Determination Instruction and Inclusive Employment-A British Columbia Demonstration
  • Self-Determination Instruction and Paid Employment-Key predictors of post-secondary success and quality of life
  • Customized employment-Strength based approach to inclusive paid work
  • British Columbia Demonstration of research in practice in 70 schools
  • Examples of Self-Directed Life Plans and Inclusive Employment
Day 3
August 22, 2018
From Research to Practice Participant Action Plans
  • Linking Self-Determination Instruction and Customized Employment to Universal Design, BC’s New Curriculum, and Career Life Education
  • Change strategies to support inclusive evidence-based practices
  • Developing individual action plans to implement in authentic, school, home, and community settings.
  • Creating collaborative support networks to support Self-Directed Life Plans and an inclusive life