August 20-22, 2018

Social Emotional Learning – 3 days

Days 1-3 Topics Covered
Day 1
August 20, 2018

Overview of SEL
How SEL Competent are YOU?

Morning Session
Overview of Social and Emotional Learning with Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl
Internationally reknowned SEL researcher, Dr. Schonert-Reichl will lay the foundation for our 3 days together by reviewing the pillars of SEL and new innovations in SEL research.

Afternoon Session
How SEL proficient are you?: The Importance of Strong SEL Mentors and Leaders
In-session exploration of, and assessment of, your Social & Emotional Competencies. What fosters SEL? What hinders it?


Day 2
August 21, 2018
SEL and School Climate

Fostering Well-Being through Kindness

Morning Session
SEL and School Climate: The Key to Fostering Engagement in ALL students?
In this session, we will explore the link between SEL and school climate and factors that enrich the learning climate for exceptional students.

Afternoon Session
Fostering Well-Being: Is Practicing Intentional Kindness the Key?
This session will review the benefits to well-being arising from being kind and explore the role that intentional kindness might play in fostering well-being in exceptional students.


Day 3
August 22, 2018

Fostering Optimal Well-Being in ALL Students




Morning Session
Fostering Mental Health Resiliency through SEL
This session will explore family and school-based factors that contribute to optimal mental health.

Afternoon Session
SEL within the context of supporting exceptional students’ development and learning
This session will explore popular SEL programs and examine how they might support exceptional students.