August 20-22, 2018

Literacy Across The Curriculum: Meaningful Inclusion for Students with Developmental Disabilities – 3 days

Intended Outcomes, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the continuum of approaches to reading instruction for typical students and the way in which different approaches have been applied to students with developmental disabilities;
  • Learn how to complete a specific assessment process to describe the current stage of reading development in six related areas for students with developmental disabilities;
  • Select appropriate goal areas and component skills to match the student profile of relative strengths and challenges in reading;
  • Apply criteria for choosing, adapting and creating books and other text materials to match a student’s stage of reading development;
  • Plan for instruction that matches components of a comprehensive, balanced literacy approach;
  • Incorporate selected literacy goals and objectives into the content, activities and ongoing routines of the classroom curriculum.
  • Begin to apply theory to practice when examining planning frameworks from the perspective of their current professional roles and context/s.

Days 1-3 Topics Covered


Day 1
August 20, 2018
Know The Thinking
Know Your Student

  • That Was Then; This Is Now: Evolving Views Of Literacy Potential
  • Stages of beginning literacy development in typical children: can we apply these to individuals with developmental disabilities?
  • The Snapshot Assessment: An Informal Inventory Of Early Literacy Behaviours
  • The Focus Of Instruction Across The Stages: Aligning goals and objectives to the Snapshot stages of literacy development and variability in a student’s profile
  • Discovering and documenting factors that influence the motivation and interest of students
 Day 2
August 21, 2018
Materials and Resources
Introduction to Frameworks For Reading Instruction
  • Matching literacy materials to the student’s profile: decision-making rules for selecting, creating and/or adapting books, materials and resources
  • Commercially available resource and those available for download from the internet: what’s out there? (you might be surprised)
  • Beginning the conversation about comprehensive, balanced approaches to the teaching of reading: what could those look like for students with developmental disabilities?
Day 3
August 22, 2018
Theory Into Practice:
Literacy Across The Curriculum
Working With A Collaborative Team
  • Continuing The Conversation: Planning for a comprehensive, balanced approach to the teaching of reading for students with developmental disabilities within the classroom context.
  • How can we maximize meaningful participation in authentic learning opportunities in the classroom?
  • Multilevel instructional frameworks applied to unit and lesson planning: some examples from the B.C. redesigned science and social studies curriculum
  • Collaborative Teaming: Are We Married or Casually Dating?