August 24-26, 2020

Including Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder:
Challenges and Strategies – 3 days

Dr. Vicki Knight, Dr. Pat Mirenda, Dr. Connor Kerns

In British Columbia, 1 in 46 school-age children (age 6-18) receive funding through an government autism agreement.  In order for these students to have access to inclusive educational opportunities, teachers and others need to understand how ASD affects them and how to address their learning differences. This strand will address both of these issues across three days.  On Day 1, Dr. Vicki Knight will provide an overview of ASD, with emphasis on strategies for creating comfortable learning environments that accommodate the needs of students with ASD. On Day 2, Dr. Pat Mirenda will describe a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework, with examples of how UDL can be applied to curriculum design that includes students with ASD across the range of ability.  On Day 3, Dr. Connor Kerns will provide an orientation to the mental health needs of students with ASD and offer suggestions for supporting students with co-occurring anxiety, in particular.  The emphasis across all three days will be on practical strategies that can be applied to students with ASD and their classmates.

More details to come.